“The way in which both men gestured at the sensors during the performance … embued the experience with a sense of necromancy. What else does one call the creation of a life form from mere data but a kind of magic?”

Dene Grigar - Leonardo On-Line


“Fantastic waves of sound, beautiful transitions and eye-popping graphics. It was good to see a live cinema show that showed taste as well as technology. These guys kick it out …”

    Darwin Grosse – artist, programmer


“Whether seen simply as a work of art or encountered as an intellectual and spiritual event, the loss of self that occurs during a NoiseFold performance is balanced by a gain of understanding.”

       Patricia Sauthoff – The End of Being


“Artists like Cory Metcalf and David Stout, he says, are heirs to the Vasulka traditions. They show that modern digital processes, once again, allow a reinterpretation of sound and sight.”

Woody Vasulka – from: Moravia with Love


“Jimmy Hendrix with a power drill”

       Ken Perlin – animator, computer scientist


 “a whirling irresistible vision: hypnotic, subversive and dangerous” 

Frances Marie Uiiti – cellist


 “Stout celebrates the elemental power of the digital signal stream in an articulate homage to interactive video’s analog past." 

Steina Vasulka – video performance pioneer


“… just when the guys [NoiseFold] got the beats all worked up, a freight train came tearing through with its high decibel whistle and chugging wheels of steel, grinding away.  Not even blinking, the duo improvised and played off the relentless industrial noise much to my delight.  I completely dug the theremin action with the laptops - brilliant … who says electronic noise isn't fun to watch?“

          Suza (outdoor fest) in Marfa, Texas