NoiseFold 1.0 (2006–08)

The NoiseFold v1.0 world premiere took place in the spring of 2006 at the Festival Internationale d'Art Video, Casablanca, Morocco.  NoiseFold v1.0 was subsequently presented at venues worldwide including: STEIM (Amsterdam, Netherlands), HyperAction Festival (Santa Fe, NM), Interactive Futures (Victoria, BC), Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival [BEAF] (Bellingham, WA), Upgrade Series at 199 Media Arts (Seattle, WA), UNESCO Creative Cities Summit Design Week (Santa Fe, NM), Installation, Performance & Interactivity [IPI] Festival 2007 (Santa Fe, NM).

NoiseFold v1.0 at AIS (Santa Fe, NM, 2006)

NoiseFold v1.0 at Interactive Futures (Victoria, BC, 2007)