NoiseFold & Trio KAZE

NoiseFold with Trio KAZE at STEIM

Trio KAZE at work

The Autopoietic Theatre - An Alchemical Wedding of Digital and Renaissance Technology is an interdisciplinary collaboration that brings together the NoiseFold interactive media group (USA) and early music ensemble, Trio KAZE (NL/DE), acclaimed musicians adept in medieval, renaissance and contemporary idioms.

The project seeks to create a new dramatic hybrid combining digital media and interactive visualization technology with contemporary musical elements and instrumental techniques drawn from the 15th through 17th centuries. In popular media terms this approach is referred to as a “mash-up”.  Mash-ups may employ any media, discipline or text but the original reference comes from popular music, where the use of two stylistically distinct recordings are mixed together or edited in such a way that a convincing, yet unlikely, new song is created.

This work in progress is more complex than a simple mash-up, as the collaborating artists are undertaking a project that requires a sensitive and subtle integration of multiple competencies including, historic inter-cultural arts and humanities research, custom design of audio-visual software, exploration of innovative instrumental performance techniques and integration of diverse media forms into a visually compelling theatrical context. The work is conceived for touring with a focus on drawing diverse international and inter-generational audiences whose interests span a wide spectra of contemporary visual and performing arts.